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Fruit derived cosmetics

Fruit derived cosmetics

All our products contain a "Fruit Derived Cosmetic" Stamp that show the percentage of fruit ingredients used in that formula and you might be asking your self "Fruit derived cosmetics", what does it mean?
We can happily explain! We are so passionate about the fruit universe, their delicious aromas, vitamins, powerful antioxidants and those vibrant colours that we decided to create a product line that could bring all this entire world of benefits to your skin daily. 
We want to explore maximally all the benefits that the fruit power can offer to the skin.
Inside a cosmetic bottle we have many ingredients that are there with the only and simple purpose of executing a certain function, they will not necessarily add any benefit to the skin. When we replace these ordinary ingredients by a fruit derived ingredient we have much greater chances of giving nutrients that even minimally will help to maintain a healthier skin. 
Instead of using simply water (Water, we love you too - but...) if we use Fruit Hydrosols we add astringent properties to the finished product that in the long run will make a huge difference in the skin's appearance.
Instead of using a conventional thickener gum, we use a polysaccharide derived from an exotic fruit, that will help to balance water levels and will give a hydration plus.
We need a preservative to avoid bacteria growth, right? Right, but why don't we use a natural blend of preservatives with coconut extract that will help to give a preservation boost and can also provide moisturizing and conditioning benefits from the coconut extract.
Fruits are the best source of antioxidants, so why would we use a product filled with synthetic antioxidants, if we can take advantage of super fruits extracts that would be equally effective.
Why would we rather use a boring unscented and colorless mineral oil, if we have a massive variety of colorful-richy-emolient fruit carrier oils available out there.

Doesn't it make sense? At least for Frutose's Team it does.
We use only ingredients that are derived directly or indirectly from fruit sources, natural blends of ingredients that contain at least one ingredient derived from fruits or ingredients which may not be derived from fruit sources, but which are recognized to be present in fruits.
Isn't that cool?
Nov 06, 2020

Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


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